Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Posted on August 3rd, 2022

Over the years, I have had countless conversations on the topic of Mercury Retrograde. That astrological phenomenon where all lines of communications are fucked up for about three weeks, every three months. For those science-based factual people, I often tell them, that if you don't believe in the stars and astrology, you should at least believe in Mercury Retrograde. If you don't pay attention to it, I guarantee, it will impact your life in ridiculous ways.

So let's start at the beginning. The planet Mercury is the ruling planet of Communications and short distance travel. It is also the ruling planet for the two Zodiac signs, Gemini and Virgo. Every three months, the planet Mercury will slow down in its orbit and give the optical illusion from the Earth's view, that it is moving backwards. Being I am from NYC, my favorite analogy about this is when you are on the subway and the train next to you starts moving slower than the one you are on. For a brief moment, it will feel like your train is moving backwards. Now imagine that experience with a huge planet in our cosmos. That is what is happening when Mercury goes retrograde. Actually, all planets go retrograde regularly, but since Mercury is relatively close to the Earth and rules Communications, things here on Earth definitely get confusing.

Through my own experiences as a Gemini, I have come to the conclusion that Mercury Retrograde definitely will effect Virgos and Geminis a little more than the other signs, but Mercury Retrograde effects us all. If you have an astrology chart and have strong aspects to Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, a Mercury Retrograde period could effect you more so, as well. So it is a good idea to prepare for the bumpy part of the journey. I also like to forewarn those in certain occupations, realtors due to contracts, those in the medical profession to check and recheck before they begin a procedure and technicians that work on computers or are in the automotive industry. I was in Education for thirty years and it never failed, regents and my state exams were almost always scheduled during a Mercury Retrograde period. I was always counting and recounting test booklets as well as double checking technology during these times. The first week of school when everything is usually chaotic to begin with, nine times out of ten, we'd open the school during a Mercury Retrograde period! Anything connected to communications and travel will not be running smoothly during these retrograde periods. You will find things you ordered during Mercury Retrograde, will either be on backorder or arrive damaged. Computer glitches and crashes are also very common. Flights cancelled, luggage lost, minor fender benders and traffic snarls are also quite common. The advice given on how to handle these few weeks is, words that start with "re", is what you should be focusing on during a Mercury Retrograde period. So here is my list, review, revise, research, reflect, rethink, reschedule, revisit and reconsider. 

Another word to think about is, "reconnect". My astrology mentor would always mention that when Mercury goes retrograde, it will bring people from your past back around to you. It never fails during these times, that an old friend or lover will try to contact me through social media. Another item to be aware of is, if you meet someone new during a Mercury Retrograde period, don't be surprised if they are gone by the time the retrograde period is over. But, no worries, you just might hear from them when Mercury goes retrograde in the future, especially if there is unfinished business. Another lesson I learned is, watch your words. Mercury Retrograde is a time of inner reflection. It never fails, if I get angry, I'll say something that will be miscommunicated and I end up in a bigger mess than had I kept my mouth shut.

My astrology teacher was also adamant on not buying large, expensive items during Mercury Retrograde. Try to research that new refrigerator or car and wait to purchase it. It is also not a good time to get your car serviced because you will probably end up bringing your car back for more work, if the original work was done during Mercury Retrograde. Part of communications also involves, contracts. So if purchasing a house and you are getting ready to close, if you cannot avoid Mercury Retrograde, just make sure you revisit all items, checking and rechecking. Surgeries are also suggested to be postponed till Mercury goes direct. If surgeries have to take place, I try not to schedule them during the first three days or the last three days of a retrograde cycle. This is when Mercury can be confusing and has not settled into its cycle whether going retrograde or direct. 

So for skeptics, I'll review two historical events that I like to use, when discussing the importance of Mercury Retrograde. The first was the plane crash of JFK, Jr. Remember that awful event? This young man took a small plane up in the air and lost his way in the dark. Mercury went retrograde on July 13, 1999, his plane crashed on 7/16/99. The crash took place within that three day period at the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde cycle when the energies are really powerful and confusing. Those that investigated the wreckage stated JFK, Jr. obviously got confused in mid-air. The other major event was, the Florida recount in the 2000 election of George W. Bush vs. Al Gore. Remember that whole Florida recount mess? Well, astrologers were laughing and shaking their heads all that year because they knew in advance that it would probably be the most confusing Election Day ever. Election Day was 11/7/2000 and Mercury went direct the very next day on the 8th. Again, the energies being extremely confusing during the last three days of Mercury's retrograde period.

I have countless stories myself about locking myself out of the house, forgetting paperwork at home and flight delays and nightmare experiences at airports. But, the one that was the freakiest happened when I lived on City Island in NYC. I lived very close to a small beach off of Long Island Sound. There are several small islands near my beach including Hart Island which is NYC's Potter's Field. It is off limits to everyone unless you get special permission. Four teenagers decided to steal a row boat one night in January, 2003. They wanted to row to Hart Island to explore. The boat was leaking and several distress calls were cut off before the Coast Guard could get a read on their distress signal. This happened, Friday, January 24, 2003, less than 24 hours after Mercury stationed direct. The boys drowned and only three bodies were recovered at the time. Because I am a swimmer, I grew greatly concerned that the fourth body had not been recovered. But, I was in the midst of my astrology studies and recalled that the boys disappeared right when Mercury was going direct. I made the prediction that the fourth body would be found when Mercury goes retrograde again. Remember what I stated earlier about what happens during one Mercury Retrograde cycle may come back when Mercury goes retrograde again, especially if there is unfinished business? Well, fast forward to April 27, 2003. A neighbor told me the fourth body had finally been found. Mercury had gone retrograde 4/26/2003, and the body was found 4/27/2003. Again, during those first few days or last few days, Mercury's energies are extremely unsettled and powerful.

So just like the subway trains I regularly rode, Mercury the planet needs a few days to get back up to speed, so to speak. Usually, two weeks before and after Mercury Retrograde, you have what is called, the shadow period where energy is still not completely clear. You might encounter a few glitches with your computer or peculiar traffic jams. Before a Mercury Retrograde period, the planet is starting to slow down on its orbit. After a Mercury Retrograde period, the planet needs time to speed up and get back to where it was when Mercury went retrograde. Speaking of patterns, the other pattern in regards to Mercury Retrograde is each year, Mercury will retrograde in one of the four Zodiac elements. For example, this year Mercury will retrograde in one of the air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Next year, Mercury will retrograde during the earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. 2024, Mercury will retrograde through the fire signs, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo giving each retrograde cycle its own unique characteristics.

So as a Gemini who is greatly affected by Mercury Retrograde, what do I do during these cycles? I use these times to reflect or reorganize my home. I review my writing and research new possibilities. It's a time I go inward and stay close to home. My daughter is also a Gemini, her astrology chart is two thirds Mercury ruled, so she is definitely impacted during Mercury Retrograde cycles. When she was young, I had some very strange parent-teacher conferences warning her teachers that whether you believe me or not, my daughter will be off during a Mercury Retrograde cycle. But, whether you are a Gemini or Virgo, or one of the other Zodiac signs, Mercury Retrograde does effect us all. So, it is good to know the basics to make this bumpy part of the journey more manageable, if not productive. It's all about using the energies of the Universe to assist on the way instead of fighting the current on this River of Life.

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