Age 25

Age 25

Posted on September 14th, 2022   

A few years ago when I was going through some difficult times with my son wondering when it was going to end, I was given some good advice from a very unlikely source. That's usually how it works for me, I'll get a strange postcard in the mail or a random stranger will ask for a reading and they will say the most profound words to get me over my own personal hurdle. This was the case a few years back. The unlikely source, my waxer, Danielle Z. Danielle knows more about my body than any partner I have ever had. While I am doing the butterfly position, she always asks about my kids. I start to lament to her about how things are going. Then came the profound piece of advice I needed to hear. Danielle turns to me and says, "Oh, Eva, everyone is fucked up till around age 25. You don't have a clue about Life till age 25." This pearl of wisdom made me laugh. But, when I looked back on my own life, it was around age 25 that the pieces of my life started to fall into place. I started teaching in a public school, met my children's father and knew I had found my place. The same happened to my son, he moved out of state, got sober and landed a career doing what he loves.

   Fast forward to this year. Now, I'm dealing with my no direction daughter. Moved her out of New York, let her have a year of fun in the sun in Miami. Come January, she starts lamenting being a bartender. She works at a boujee country club that I could never afford. But, this is how the Universe works. Through the club, she has met the mayor, fire commissioner, chief of police and Jorge Posada, our favorite Yankee. They like her NY style. They start encouraging her to look at a career in government service. She decided she wants to become a firefighter. So we begin the process. She heads back to the gym and starts training vigorously. Memorial Day weekend, my daughter turned 25. She applies for the September class of Fire Academy in Miami-Dade. Out of 300 applicants, only 40 were chosen. My daughter was one of them. I am most proud. We don't have any firefighters in the family, just educators. This will be a first.

   So we have spent all summer getting ready for boot camp. I bought the uniforms, boots and gear bag. We have printed out all the manuals and highlighted all the important dates. I am shocked at the change in her motivation. She is really excited about this. Everywhere we go, we find people encouraging her or giving her advice. She just finished her paramedic class and met her future mentor for fire academy. I told her stick close to him and if you have any questions, pick his brain. I see major changes in my daughter and it all comes down to knowing your path. She does talk about how Spirit has guided her and I encourage her as I encourage all my clients, follow your heart, use your intuition, you are always guided, just look for the signs.

   The weekend before boot camp started my daughter was unfortunately, at my house. A two day visit turned into a week. When she had to leave, here comes the panic attack. I had been dreaming of a vodka and soda for an extra 5 days. I left her on the sofa having a breakdown and decided to clean out her car and pack it for her. I opened the trunk to find a natural disaster. Shoes, beach gear, exercise gear, Walmart items I had purchased two weeks ago and her high school diploma on the floor, which I had told her to put in a safe place. I bagged everything. One bag, 5 pairs of shoes, next bag all exercise items, and so on. I shook my head. I thought, boot camp will be the best thing for her, she needs to get her life organized. Having someone yell in her face for 3 months will definitely remind her of home. That night, I received 3 frantic calls. First up, hair style. Needed a bun that would stay in place. I sent 3 videos from YouTube all created by women in the armed forces. Next up, the spray starch stained her pants, so back to the laundry room she goes. Final call, she's somewhat calm. She says the video recommended a great hair gel and the starch washed out much to our relief. She says she thinks she is ready.

   I spent the next day, cleaning and clearing my house and enjoying the peace as I sipped that long awaited vodka and soda. I was trying to keep busy till 5pm when firefighter academy would be over. The phone finally rang. On the first day, the instructors made one guy cry, another passed out while doing extra pushups because several recruits were late and out of uniform. Two fell asleep in class and had to stand for the rest of the day. Mind you all 7 girls were fine the first day. 6 squad leaders were chosen and my daughter was one of them. She was happy with her squad because they are fit and on time. The class leader is someone she has already teamed up with. She likes her instructors. She said she enjoyed academy. This is a good career for her. Years ago, I had an astrologer tell me, my daughter was a general in a past life. Trust me, I know, it's like talking to a wall most of the time. I don't bother anymore. But, I think this is a good career for her. I see she has found her purpose, that's important. She has already mentioned how she wants to go back to school and finish her degree in Fire Science. I am very happy she has found her niche.

   So I give my waxer, Danielle Z., honorable mention. It was through her that the Universe spoke to me way back when, when I was struggling. And now I pass this important tidbit of information on to whoever is struggling with their kids or maybe trying to find their path. There is something to be said about wandering aimlessly for a few years when you are young. I can recall my college friends who always knew what they wanted to be and always did the right thing. When I hear from them today, they are miserable in their careers that they aspired to their whole lives. As a lightworker, they always say, you have to know the dark before you see the light. I realize, sometimes it's the wrong path that will get you to the right place.


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