A Tarot Card Reader Lives In Fort Myers

Welcome to ReadingsByEva.com! My name is Eva (pronounced Ava). I am a nationally known Tarot Card Reader who lives in Fort Myers, Florida. I am available for private readings in person, virtually, over the phone and by email. I also can read Tarot at any type of event you may be planning. I have read Tarot at corporate events and private parties all over the country. I have read Tarot at corporate events hosted by Google, FaceBook, Cartoo... Read more

My Goal

There are always two goals in my readings. The first one is, help the client by pointing them in the right direction. I try my best to show all alternatives open to my clients and where they should be focusing their energies. The second goal is to help my clients trust their own intuition, so they gain confidence in using it when making decisions in their daily life. We all have intuition, it just comes to each person in different ways. ... Read more

Tarot Reading Expert

I started my Tarot journey with the lady who read cards for me. One day she asked if I had ever considered becoming a reader. I told her no. She said I kept pulling the intuitive card (High Priestess). A year later when my Life was turned upside down, I got a call from her asking me to join her Tarot class. Being I was a teacher, I found reading Tarot similar to storytelling. I could see the person's story in the cards. After studying... Read more


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7 Reviews

Stephanie T

05 June 2024

05 June


Eva is an awesome person. Her reading was the best. But most of all, she is very personable. I would definitely recommend!!! Thanks eva!! Enjoy both my reading.

Heather Miller

23 May 2024

23 May


Eva is amazing… first time having my cards read . My girlfriend and I went together and she was thorough and thoughtful and honest. We enjoyed our time with ...
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My Reviews

Nikki H.

Eva, was easy to work with in setting up the virtual event. Her readings were really on point for me and my guests. She was entertaining and blunt, my style. All of my guests enjoyed her and already asked me how I found her. She will get repeat business from this event. I highly recommend her for a fun event.

Aug 3, 2022
Joy B.

Eva was fantastic. She truly made the night for all of our guests. She gave fun and accurate readings in a timely fashion and never rushed anyone who had questions after their reading. All of our guests really enjoyed her and thought she was incredible. She's so nice and easy going and accommodating and she really cares about every reading she does for each person. She got so many of our friends excited to pursue new things while doing their readings. We heard from all of them the next day to say thank you and how much fun they had getting their cards read. It really made our party so special!

Aug 3, 2022
Jessica D.

Eva was incredible! She was an amazing addition to our holiday party. All of the attendees raved about her readings. It was so much fun having her here and we would totally book with her again.

Aug 3, 2022