A Tarot Card Reader Lives In Fort Myers

Welcome to ReadingsByEva.com! My name is Eva (pronounced Ava). I am a nationally known Tarot Card Reader who lives in Fort Myers, Florida. I am available for private readings in person, virtually, over the phone and by email. I also can read Tarot at any type of event you may be planning. I have read Tarot at corporate events and private parties all over the country. I have read Tarot at corporate events hosted by Google, FaceBook, Cartoo... Read more

My Goal

There are always two goals in my readings. The first one is, help the client by pointing them in the right direction. I try my best to show all alternatives open to my clients and where they should be focusing their energies. The second goal is to help my clients trust their own intuition, so they gain confidence in using it when making decisions in their daily life. We all have intuition, it just comes to each person in different ways. ... Read more

Tarot Reading Expert

I started my Tarot journey with the lady who read cards for me. One day she asked if I had ever considered becoming a reader. I told her no. She said I kept pulling the intuitive card (High Priestess). A year later when my Life was turned upside down, I got a call from her asking me to join her Tarot class. Being I was a teacher, I found reading Tarot similar to storytelling. I could see the person's story in the cards. After studying... Read more